Spiritual Leader

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Rev. Dr. Iris Sauber, DFS,  RScP, CFSP


Iris Sauber is the founder and spiritual leader of the Center for Conscious Living.  After a lengthy and very successful career in corporate America, Iris began studying spirituality and the Laws of the Universe. This led her to this philosophy of spiritual science, known as Religious Science (also known as Science of Mind)-- a study of the intersection of science, philosophy and religion which espouses a belief in a Creative Power and the ability of humans to direct this Power by use of their thoughts and minds.

Iris has been very active in both professional and civic organizations. She has served on the boards of two non-profit organizations; volunteered --as a trained mediator to assist Baltimore city and county residents in peacefully resolving conflict through the volunteer mediation program.  She also gives her time and talent to several other professional  and non-profit organizations as well. Some of the organizations Iris has given and/or continues to give service to include: the Child abuse prevention center, the Association  for Spirit at work, the Baltimore public relations council, the Diversity Business Network, the Carroll County Interfaith Council, the House of Ruth, and the Jessup Correctional Institute Men's Prison, where she started a prison ministry and participates in the facilitation of a very powerful series of workshops known as Alternatives to Violence.
Her spiritual studies have included: world religions, rituals, ceremonies, Certified Five Gifts of Abundance facilitator, Certified Radical Forgiveness study group facilitator, Certified Labyrinth facilitator (having trained with world reknown Rev Dr Lauren Artress), Certified Life Coach from New Agreements Coaching Institute, Prosperity Plus facilitator and certified Team Spirit facilitator. Iris has also studied non violent communication. She offers workshops, seminars, ministerial services, pastoral counseling, spiritual life coaching, and healing prayer. She is also available for inspirational, motivational key note talks at your location.
She says her driving motivations in life are to be in service to others and to know that world peace is possible in her lifetime, if we are willing to embrace our differences and see God in one another.  She knows with Spirit, all things are possible because God is Infinite Possibilities.

During her last year of ministerial training, Iris felt Spirit urging her to create a loving, caring, connected community. She looks forward to connecting with you and sharing this philosophy for living, and supporting you on your path to manifest your desire for a deeper awareness of your connection to Spirit, to others, to life, to making a difference, to living the life you were meant to live -- FULL OUT and on purpose!

Very often, we have guest ministers who will give our Sunday message. Rev. Iris as well as these other ministers are available for weddings, baby namings, house blessings, funerals, memorial services, pastoral counseling and prayer work. If you have a need for any of these services,

please give Rev. Iris a call 410-318-8877